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Reading Tutoring Toronto

Reading Skills Tutoring: Primary Grades, JK to 3

Phonics , Sight Word Recognition, Contextual fluency,  Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Spelling

Children learn to read independently step-by-step. Your child will learn phonics and sight words, build comprehension, and gain the skills and confidence needed for success.

Reading Tutoring: Elementary Grades, 4 to 7

We will provide reading help so that your child  make substantial gains in reading comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, and increase their reading speed. Your child will learn to use textbooks and more complex materials.

If your child is having difficulty with reading skills then call 416-783-5815 and learn how an expert tutor from Learning Tree Tutors can help improve reading and language skills, improve grades and build confidence in learning.

Reading Skills Essential

Reading tutors are certified Ontario primary and elementary level teachers. Teachers develop a personalized learning program for each student based on his or her unique needs and goals.  Customized instruction is developed based on our assessment of the strengths, weaknesses and learning style of each student.

Reading is a basic skill that benefits students in school and throughout their lives. Tutors help with phonics instruction, vocabulary, and reading comprehension techniques. You can expect to see great improvement when your child receives private 1-on-1 tutoring from one of our qualified tutors.

Reading tutoring can help children prepare for school, help them catch up with their friends if they are struggling with reading in class, or enhance the skills of good readers so they become great readers. Because no two children are alike, our tutors personalize tutoring to each child, giving kids the personal attention — and confidence — they need to excel. Learning can be fun and we want everyone to love reading the way we do!

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