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What Are the Benefits of Math tutoring?

Math tutoring is tailored to your child’s specific needs with a customized learning program.  Tutoring improves confidence and improves grades, Tutors help with homework and review the material covered in the classroom. A private tutoring program  can do more than that, however, because we can provide additional related practice exercises and which will improve understanding, learning retention and problem-solving ability.

Expert Math Tutors

You can be confident that Learning Tree Tutors will provide only the best qualified tutors. Our experienced tutors are Ontario certified teachers or are have specialized academic qualifications (graduate, postgraduate, and doctorate) in mathematics. They are also patient and personable people. We will do our best to find the best match for each student. s who not only provide instruction, but also motivation and inspiration

Mentoring for Academic Excellence

Students aiming for academic excellence can benefit from the guidance of a mentor. Expert tutoring will ensure that students develop an understanding of mathematical concepts from an early age. Our math tutors build an understanding of the subject through explanation and practice and guide students through the process of solving problems.

Mathematics for Grades JK to Grade 12

• Primary and Junior Math Grades 1-6
• Intermediate Math Grades 7- 8
• High SchoolMath Grades 9-10 Academic and Applied
• Grade 11 Academic and Applied includingFunctions
• Gr.12 Advanced Functions
• Gr.12 Calculus and Vectors
• Gr.12 Data Management

Is academic success important to you? Contact Learning Tree Tutors and let us match you or your child with one of our Toronto math tutors.

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