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How to Choose? What Should You Consider?

How can you choose the best tutoring service? What is the best tutoring service for you (if you are a student) or for your child (if you are a parent)? Choosing a tutoring service is a challenging and complex decision. Academic success is important, so it is essential to make an informed decision when selecting a tutoring service.

Make sure you consider all the factors that make a quality service. With tutoring, “best” is what is best for the individual student. Consider individual learning needs, goals and personal factors before making a decision. With our customized tutoring approach, though, we try to find a good fit for everyone.

Why Choose Learning Tree Tutors?  

Why do we want you to consider Learning  Trees Tutors as your best tutoring choice? Well, first of all we suggest you consider the tutoring service awards that our company has been received.  Next, we invite you to check testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers.   Finally, do your own evaluation.  Do consider some of the key advantages of working with our service that are discussed below: personalized learning, great tutors, 1-on-1 home tutoring, and affordable rates. Choosing our tutoring service could end up being one of the smartest decisions you could ever make.

Best Tutoring Means Personalized Learning

We don’t use a “one size-fits-all” approach to instruction. On the one hand this approach is non-productive for a student who is already achieving top grades and wants to enhance skills. On the other hand, when students are struggling with a subject – this approach may lead to confusion and make matters worse for the child.

Our company offers  personalized 1-on-1 tutoring. This provides the benefits that group classes and standardized programs cannot.  We believe that each person is unique, both in learning style and personality. Our best  tutors therefore take steps to find out specifically what is happening at school and what your child needs specific help with.

We don’t set a standard curriculum and materials that tutors are required to follow because we use qualified  teachers and subject specialists who are professionals who can work independently.

Best Tutors –  Quality Makes a Difference

Best tutoring and best tutors

We provide qualified and personable tutors who have appropriate academic degrees and certifications. Tutors are certified Ontario teachers, college teachers or  specialized in certain subject areas. We can save you time and stress by finding  the right tutor for you. Finding someone privately may sometimes appear to be a cheaper alternative – however, please consider there is much less certainty about the qualifications, background of the tutor you are getting.  Our agency checks credentials. You can rely on experienced professionals to assess qualifications..

Our Toronto  tutors are patient, caring and personable individuals. Effective teachers and tutors must have good people skills. We look for the best tutors who can make learning interesting and fun for their students.

In-Home Tutoring – Location and Convenience

Lessons  can be at-home or at aother convenient location. We arrange times to fit your schedule. Most parents find that the familiar environment of home makes learning easier for children. One-on-one tutoring is convenient, consistent and provides advantages that group learning does not.

Affordable Tutoring Rates

Our tutoring service provides instruction at affordable rates without sacrificing quality. There are no hidden fees, no registration fees and no contracts.

Tutoring Awards

Learning Tree Tutors has received tutoring awards for best tutoring service in Toronto.

ThreeBestRated.caBest Tutoring Award 2018

Three Best Rated chose us in 2018 as one of top 3 local services providing tutoring services to our Toronto community.


Consumer Choice Awards  CCA

CCA has chosen our company as best tutoring service company in 2017 in the category of  Tutoring -Toronto central in the GTA area.

When it comes time to find a tutor in Toronto  and make a choice, we hope that you will choose us because we believe we have some of the the best tutors in Toronto .

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